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Peterson and Sons Natural Wines

Michigan's First Winery to Produce Wines With No Sulfites Added!

9375 East P Avenue
Kalamazoo, MI 49048-9762
(269) 626-9755

If you haven't tried wine made without the use of chemicals you haven't tried wine with true fruit taste and aroma. Imagine the taste and aroma of the fresh fruit, then you are close to what our wines smell and taste like.

Peterson and Sons is one of the very few wineries in the world that makes wine without chemicals or preservatives.

We use only the best, hand picked or sorted Michigan fruit, water, sugar and yeast, plus a lot of time and personal care. Our wines will keep and age once opened if kept below 70° F. Because no chemicals are used to kill anything, CO2 gas can result several months after bottling, so please store the bottles upright and at a constant temperature of 55° to 70° and out of sunlight. We use synthetic corks so you don't have to store bottles on their sides.

To "De-Fiz" a whole bottle, pour wine slowly into a water pitcher, swirl or stir a couple of times, thouroughly rinse bottle twice, then pour wine back into bottle when it is done fizzing.

We are also the first commercial winery in Michigan to produce wines with this old world process.

One other major difference is, as far as we know, we are the only winery anywhere that washes grapes prior to crushing.