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Peterson and Sons Natural Wines

Michigan's First Winery to Produce Wines With No Sulfites Added!

9375 East P Avenue
Kalamazoo, MI 49048-9762
(269) 626-9755

How to Taste and Smell the Chemicals in Wine

Almost all wine makers add sulfites to their wine as a preservative. At Peterson and Sons we don't and we think you will be able to tell the difference. Here's how.

1. Purchase three different kinds of wine (all with the same sweetness level) made by three different producers. Note: The most mass produced wines usually have a high degree of chemicals.

2. Go into a quiet, dark room and pour 1/2 glass of each wine.

3. Sit down and close your eyes and think common smell. You're putting your senses to work.

4. Smell each wine three or four times. The common smell is the chemicals.

5. Then think common taste. Taste each wine three or four times. The common taste is the chemicals.

You can now judge the quality of wines by the degree of intensity of its common smell and taste. The higher the intensity the lower quality of the wine.